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JBTechCon : Why isn't this EVERYWHERE???
Mohanad Mohamad : Great!thnx,,,,, wish to have more info about it....
Sara Karimi : perfect video.tnx alot
SolarizeYourLife : Tying use with Weapons Of Mass Destruction is Not a Good Thing...

ETFE construction video

This video is for academic purpose only, several videos used is credited to other video content creators. The video links are down below:\u0026t=13s

'The Cloud' ETFE installation - Auckland, NZ

Video (c) FSS
ArchitenLandrell : Hi aby0ni, thanks for your interest in ETFE. Yes ETFE modules can be created in any shape & are generally only limited in size by environmental conditions, aesthetic & cost conserations. As a single skin structure these are fairly small panels but much larger spans can be achieved with the right design & engineering. Do you have a particular project you're working on? I'd be very happy to discuss or give further info. Just drop us an email on

Amy Wilson
Architen Landrell
aby0ni : Hello, I'm interested in ETFE technology, but one question, if all the machinery is provided can ETFE modules made with typical specifications be stretched on site to fit various shapes of opennings? like in 3d curved space frame triangular openings?




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