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VTEC | Science Garage На Русском

VTEC - это уникальная технология, изменившая наше представление о работе двигателя. Но перед тем, как мы узнаем, как именно она реализовывает изменение времени и хода клапанов, разберемся в особенностях работы распредвалов, кулачков и толкателей.

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VTEC: How It Works | Science Garage

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You’ve seen VTEC on cars, but what does VTEC mean? VTEC has to do with the valves in your engine that help dictate airflow, horsepower and fuel consumption. This Science Garage gets into Cams, lobes, lifters and more before narrowing in on how VTEC works. Cars have single cams, overhead cams, dual overhead cams and even triple overhead cams to help them do their jobs. VTEC is a unique variable cam design that has changed the way we think of engines… get ready, because VTEC just kicked in!

Bart teaches us how cars work by blowing stuff up and cutting things in half. It’s a science show for the car lover who’s easily bored. Join Bart as he explains the science behind everything automotive. This is cars down to the atom. This is Science Garage.

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Working of Honda i VTEC Engine

Honda's i-VTEC engine technology is one of the high standing technologies introduced by Honda. It Helped increase the power as well as fuel efficiency of the cars.




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