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KBC VR Helmet Review at RevZilla.com

KBC VR Helmet Review
Borrowing a ton of features from the top-end VR-4R, the KBC VR Helmet provides solid bang for the buck, street and track performance, and packs in features that will easily compete with helmets of this ilk. The aerodynamic shell shape, shield and quick-change mechanism are all taken directly from the VR-4R while the ventilation scheme and liner system is inspired by the VR-4R. The KBC VR Helmet represents the second tier in functionality from KBC, and its DOT \u0026 ECE certification allows you to rip this around on the track if that's your style. With a pinlock-ready shield and an advanced shield closure and quick-change mechanism, the KBC VR Helmet is sure to be one of our most popular sport helmets at this price point.

KBC VR-4R Helmet Review at RevZilla.com

KBC VR-4R Helmet Review
Brand new for 2011, the KBC VR-4R Helmet is a big step forward for KBC in features, functionality and value within their lineup. With a 2.8-pound carbon version that comes in below the $400 mark, the VR-4R is going to appeal to many sport and trackday riders. We are extremely happy to see KBC storming back into the US market with a helmet that provides such a high degree of bang for the buck.

2021 자전거 헬멧 뭐 써야 할까?

#자전거용품점 #플렉스핏 풍납점 에서 판매중인 헬멧들을 소개해보았어요!

#미니벨로 #킥보드 #하이브리드 #MTB #로드자전거 #어린이용헬멧 까지!
7만원대~30만원대까지 다양하게 보여드립니다

⭐️컬러별 사이즈별 재고는 실시간으로 달라집니다⭐️

❣️플렉스핏 풍납점 주소: 서울시 송파구 풍납동 203-24 (벨로샵 풍납점 바로 옆)
주차는 벨로샵 주차장에 가능합니다!
평일,주말 11:00 - 19:00 / 수요일만 휴무

❣️플렉스핏 일산점: 고양시 일산동구 장항동 754 102호
❣️플렉스핏 수원점: 수원시 장안구 송죽동 499-3

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