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Sticky Mats - Instructions for use

AVMC is a premium supplier of sticky mats, also known as adhesive mats, peel-off mats, decontaminating mats or tacky mats. Our sticky mats are widely used in lab research, hospitals, medical environment, industrial production, automotive, food processing, nuclear industries, clean rooms and more.

AVMC Sticky Mats are high-quality professional grade ISO certified sticky mats made in Europe and used by industries, labs and institutions all over the world. With great service, immediate availability and fast shipping, AVMC is the number 1 go to provider fo Sticky Mats and related consumables.

AVMC Sticky Mats are available in multitude of sizes and colors, including custom orders. Customers may also purchase rubber frames, which provide housing and portability to sticky mats so they can be deployed to any environment.

Our Sticky Mats are made of polyethylene and can be used universally. AVMC Sticky Mats are extremely efficient in removing decontamination from your shoes and trolley wheels.

Sticky Mats are adhesive and have up to sixty layers. The layers should be peeled off when they wear out. This way you can achieve very clean and spotless environment to work in.

Sticky Mats can come in many colours. Blue mats are usually associated with laboratories, clean rooms and also with healthcare centres. White mats are more universal and can be used in all kinds of industries. Factories, car industry and aircraft industry use grey Sticky Mats. Green is typically used in food industry. Biotechnology units use green Sticky Mats as well. Red and Yellow are used together in decontamination zones and in nuclear plants.

When used properly, the effectiveness of Sticky Mats is up to 99,9%,

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Sticky Floor Mats How-To Guide - Unpacking, Placing, and Changing Sheets |

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Watch this Step by Step Instructions by the leading manufacturer of cleanroom sticky mats, tacky floor mats for cleanroom, residential or industrial use.

Sticky Mats

Sticky Mat is an indespensable consumable that helps to maintain clean environment. Known also as Tacky mats, adhesive mats, peel-off mats and decontaminating mats, Sticky mats protects cleanliness by preventing bacteria and dirt from entering cleanrooms, labs, workspaces, rooms and more. Sticky mats are commonly used in food processing, automotive, research and medical industries, power plants, cleanrooms and more. AV Medical Consulting is a leading provider of Sticky Mats and Sticky Mat solutions. AVMC Sticky Mats are renowned for their efficiency, quality and durability. These ISO certified Sticky Mats are EU made, shipped world-wide, readily available and come recommended from customers working in environments where cleanliness is an absolute priority and prerequisite for qualty work and product. AVMC Sticky Mats come in many different sizes and colors and provide a wealth of options, such as ESD treatment. Join the many proffessionals and companies using AVMC Sticky Mats today and become a valued customer.




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